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The Eastisde's best choice for all your renovating needs, from kitchens and baths to everything in between.

Color, texture, and light – details like these can transform a room, making you feel like a new person every time you enter it. 


At Creative By Design Remodels, LLC, our goal is to help you create the space you dream to live in. Whether you're trendy, traditional, or something in between, we’ll guide you through the entire process and provide you with many options. Then we'll stand back while you choose your favorites. In the end creating something beautiful, functional, and uniquely yours.

Your new space awaits you!

Creative by Design Remodels

Kitchens, baths, and everything in between

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From Bedroom murals to marble accents, we'll help turn your dreams into reality. With 20+ years experience in the industry and awareness of fast advances in technology, we're always striving to stay on top of the latest trends, while creating a few of our own.